The best new-vehicle warranties can run as long as 10 years, but the devil is in the details.

Lifetime Warranty Myths

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This is because they offer comprehensive coverage of 4 years or 60, miles instead of the standard 50, miles of its competitors. Cadillac joins its fellow sister brand, Buick, and rivals Lexus, Acura, and Lincoln with its 4-year or 50, miles of comprehensive warranty. Its powertrain coverage, however, covers an amazing 6 years or 70, miles.

And like the other insurances, their warranty is fully transferable to second-hand owners. Its roadside assistance service can be used for six occurrences or within 70, miles of usage, same with Bruick and higher than two occurrences and 20, miles than Acura. Their powertrain coverage, however, matches the six years or 70, miles of their competitors — fully transferable to second owners. Its powertrain coverage is also the same with its competitors with six years or 70, miles.

This is what sets it apart from the rest even if the rest of its offerings is ordinary. However, this is only capped at eight years. Their bumper to bumper warranty also covers four years or 50, miles, whichever comes first. Cars are a huge and necessary investment.

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Hopefully, with the help of this article, you can understand the warranty in your new car. Skip to content. Contact Us Blog Menu. New Car Warranty Overview New vehicle warranties are commonly divided into two major components. Consider This Checklist Support The first thing to consider when buying any warranty is the financials behind the company.

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Cost-efficient Shop for the best price. Mitsubishi Mitsubishi has its own set of impressive warranties. New car warranties have traditionally covered a new vehicle for three years and often with a limited number of kilometres.

Some mainstream carmakers have offered seven year warranties as limited offers, but none are yet to match Kia permanently, instead settling for four or five year deals, with the majority still sticking with the traditional three years. Some manufacturers offer incentives to service your vehicle at their dealerships such as free roadside assist or loan cars.

So which car manufacturers offer more than the traditional three years, and what conditions are attached for private cars? The warranty covers parts and build-defects affecting the vehicle, batteries and drive unit. It also offers seven years capped servicing, which is subject to conditions depending on certain models or types of engines.

Some Hondas are covered by seven-year warranties that were part of limited edition offers, which included free roadside assist. These offers may again become available during Honda's 'Anuual Event' sale.

Should You Purchase Used Car Warranty?

Ford bolted another two years on to its three-year Express warranty offered on all new vehicles sold from May 1, this year, and removed the the ,km limit. The warranty package also includes free roadside assistance.

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It has previously offered longer warranties of up to seven years, but these were temporary offers for selected models such as the now-imported Commodore and the Equinox SUV. Mazda followed Holden's lead by introducing stretching its three-year warranty to five from August 1 The French brand used to come with a six-year warranty, but but this was slashed to three years by its Australian distributor Inchcape, which then extended it to five years in February Like Citroen, Peugeot cars are sold under licence by UK-owned Inchcape, which extended the warranty for both French brands from three to five years in February The Czech brand has one up over its Volkswagen Group cousins by offering a five-year warranty , which includes free roadside assistance for the first year.

As of October , Suzuki offers a five year, unlimited kilometre warranty, bolstered by a capped price service program.